The Keto Diet Food List

While the keto diet seems daunting to a lot of people, it really isn’t as difficult as it may see. Sticking to a 75:20:5 ratio for fats, proteins, and carbs is fairly easy once you learn to portion control and have a daily routine. It is more the limited food options that causes hardship during this diet. Finding foods that you can eat consistently along with finding ways to treat yourself can be difficult but is nowhere near impossible by any means. Everyone has foods that they can’t stand and everyone has foods they can eat all day every day. Finding the keto diet food list of your own is key.

Obviously, in the keto diet food list there must be the combination of foods that are high in fat, foods that are high in protein and carbs that are healthy for you instead of carbs from junk food. Within these three macro nutrients you can create items that will take care of that ever persistent sweet tooth. Let’s jump into breaking these down.

Fats to Kick Off Your Meals

To be 100 percent honest it can be hard to cram 75 percent or more of you diet with fats. Again, you must find high fat foods that you maybe won’t notice or that you love so much you could eat for almost every meal. So lets list the most common and easy to use fats that will help you meet your consumption goals.

  • Butter – Yes! We aren’t talking about margarine or the “I can’t believe it’s not butter” things. We are talking about the real deal. That’s actually the only way it’s healthy for you in this scenario. Real butter contains omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids which helps improve brain function. These to fatty acids are essential in the body though the body doesn’t make them its self. While butter isn’t good for cooking at very high temperature it is a good additive to baked goods as well as any vegetables that you eat ( and you will eat vegetables.)
  • Eggs – While it will be included in the next section of this article, eggs are the multi talented food of the keto diet. You can have them for breakfast in many ways, you can have them in your salads, you can put them on burgers, and you also use them for all keto baking needs. Eggs are one of the most necessary items in the keto diet.
  • Walnuts and Almonds – As far as nuts go, this is about the best options you have. Both walnuts and almonds go good in salads and you can dip almonds in dark chocolate to make treats for yourself while still being in the guidelines of a keto diet.
  • Salmon – This is a great fatty food to eat while on the keto diet. Like butter and other food that will be mentioned in the part of the article, salmon is full of necessary fatty acids that the body needs. This is the easiest of the fish category to stomach. The other most popular options being sardines, anchovies, and mackerel. There are several ways that you can cook salmon and accompanies most vegetable very well.
  • Beef – We will save this juicy bit until the protein section. But know, it’s an important source of fat.
  • Cheese – Eating cheese will be really hard right? Yeah right! Whole fat cheeses are best for the keto diet.
  • Pork – Bacon bacon bacon. We all love it and it’s a must to keep yourself interested in breakfast. I do not believe that I have ever heard anyone say that they are tired of having bacon for breakfast. If you are, ham is there as well.
  • Lamb – High in fat.

Protein with Every Helping

Protein is not near as hard to fill within your keto diet plan. Americans are pretty fixated on protein as a standard. So needless to say, meat in a part of most of our lives on a daily basis. Now lets break down the types of meat you should focus one while you are one the keto diet.

  • Beef – Probably the most popular meat that has ever been eating ever. Mainly for lunch and supper, beef can be arranged a vast amount of ways. Personally, I could eat beef every day and be happy with it.
  • Fish – Fish of any kind is a good source of protein for your diet but it is better to stick to the types listed in the above section to make it easier to keep the ratio correct and stay within the calorie limit you set for yourself.
  • Chicken – Chicken makes it easier to have an abundance of options when making appetizing foods. If we did not have chicken, where would this world be. However, you must be sure to substitute fats in somewhere in the meal because chicken is a very low fat meat as it comes.
  • Pork – Again, bacon is the life of breakfast. Having this treat will always keep you interested in your food as it can be added to just about anything we eat to give it a familiar and great tasting flavor.
  • Eggs – The breakfast of choice. It is a great fat and protein to consume while on the keto diet. Eggs are an asset.
  • Lamb – Yet another meat that fits into the fat and protein category nicely.

Carbs can be Your Friend

So here is the thing about eating carbs while on the keto diet. You have to eat the correct type of carbs and you have to know how to calculate them correctly. To correctly count carbs you have to take that net carbs and subtract the amount of fiber from that amount. So, if your net carbs are 9 and you have 3 fiber, then your actual carb intake is 6. You should be able to find both of these on the nutritional facts list on your food items. If you can not find them there doing a quick google search should render the information that you are looking for. But, you must make sure that you use this information correctly once you have it. This means abiding by the serving sizes that are provided.

So what are some beneficial carbs that you can ingest while on the keto diet? lets see!

  • Most Green Vegetables – this would include bitter greens, broccoli, asparagus, cabbage, cucumbers, lettuce, spinach zucchini. While I know a lot of these foods do not seem interesting, they will save you while on this diet. You have to have fiber to survive this diet and these vegetables are going to be your main source. While you can take a fiber supplement, I do not recommend it because you lose the ability to portion control and still get the correct ratio you need from your foods.
  • Dark Chocolate – While milk chocolate is drowned in carbohydrates, dark chocolate is not so much as long as it is 80 percent natural cocoa or more. This means you can take a lot of these not so tasty things (almonds is a favorite) and coat them in some rich dark chocolate for a great snack to kick the sweet tooth. You can also use dark chocolate to flavor a lot of your baked goods.
  • Organic Fruits – These will mainly consist of avocado, tomatoes, black and raspberries, strawberries, watermelon, cantaloupe, and lemons. So while it may not seem like a big list, I believe you will find that it is hard to fit in a lot of fruits when you are so focused on the fat content of your diet as a lot of fruits aren’t very high in fat. But, these do make a good dessert when you are craving something sweet.

Cheat or Not?

As disappointing as it may sound, it is very hard to have a cheat day while being on the keto diet. But don’t let that take the enjoyment out of this diet for you. To keep your body in ketosis and truly be on the keto diet you must keep your carb intake to under 30 carbs a day generally. Once your body has to many carbs you will come out of the state of ketosis and have to restart that cycle.once you have done that a time or two it isn’t fun. This is not to say that you can’t have a sweet or two every now and again, just know your serving sizes and your nutritional facts along with where you are at in your ratio for the day. If you have had 25 of your 30 daily carbs then it may not be smart to run and grab a candy bar. There are always recipes and ways of curing your sweet tooth while on the keto diet ( A later article.)

You can do it

It may seem like a pain or that it would be impossible to keep up with that type of food management but once you have started your routine it isn’t nearly as bad as you think. It is still a diet but it is much more satisfying than any other diet I have ever tried. It is al about meal prep and with practice, you can master it like so many others have. Keep results in the forefront of your mind and food right behind it and you will love this diet.

Cheyenne Hamilton

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