Carb Counting on Keto

I know I have covered this a little here and there in previous posts but I really haven’t gotten into what types of carbs there are; why some carbs are good and some are bad; what each type of carb does to the body while on keto; and calculating your carbs on a daily basis while on the keto diet. That’s what this article will be for and I will try not to confuse people that are new to the keto diet and not as versed on the subject.

So what is the importance of carb counting on keto?

Not keeping track of your carbs while on the keto diet can really crush your results. Nothing is more discouraging than to be on a diet and not be getting consistent results or any results at all. To achieve the results that everyone wants on the keto diet, you really have to make sure you keep yourself under 30-40 carbs a day (exact number varies for each person.) As i have said in other articles, this is to keep your body in a state of ketosis, without which you would lose much weight on the keto diet.

How to Count

Counting carbs on the keto diet isn’t as simple as just counting how many whole carbs you are taking in. There are actually a couple of aspects that you have to take into effect when you are trying to figure up your daily number. You look at your food nutrition facts label to find your carbohydrate information. This is where the meat of this lesson is stored.

Once you have found the carbohydrate information you look and the number of grams of total carbs and subtract your grams of fiber and half of your total number of sugar alcohol grams to get your net carbs. Net carbs is what you base your 30-40 grams of carbs a day on.

Example: Total carbs = 10

Fiber = 2

Sugars = 7

Erythritol = 1

Net carbs = 7.5

So in this example you have 10 total grams of carbs, 2 grams of fiber, 7 grams of sugars, and 1 gram of Erythritol. In order to count this correctly you would subtract you grams of fiber and half of your Erythritol ( sugar alcohol) from your total grams of carbs. So the end result would be 10-2-.5= 7.5 net carbs. Now I will break down why exactly why we separate the fiber and half of the sugar alcohols from the total carbs and what they do within the keto diet.


Fiber is a carbohydrate unlike any other carbohydrate. Regular carbs breakdown into sugar molecules (insulin and glucose,) this means that they are digested as they go through the body and processed. Fiber however is not broken down into these sugar molecules and since it isn’t absorbed by the body we do not count this towards our net carb count.

Fiber is also an empty calorie that helps produce regular bowl movements and helps keep you full longer. Given that it helps keep you full, it can suppress your appetite and keep you from splurging on unnecessary calories while you are on the keto diet.

Sugar Alcohol

Suagr alcohol is a carb that the body sometimes doesn’t process to well. Not to say this about everyone but some people struggle to be able to process this carbs. Due to the way our bodies process sugar alcohols we have to count them differently as noted above. Some sugar alcohols are processed about half-way giving us the 1:.5 measurement that we use to count toward our net carbs while others are not digested at all. This is the reason why some people would give the advice to not count the sugar alcohols at all when trying to find your net carbs.

The reason I say to count it as 1/2 for every 1 is due to the fact that most labels do not specify which sugar alcohol they have used in their products. So while erythritol is not digested by the body and can be counted on a 1:1 ratio, others such as xylitol and maltitol have a higher number on the glycemic index, meaning that they do have an effect on blood sugar levels and can’t exactly be counted on a 1:1 ratio.

Count to Count on Losing

I know it may seem a little confusing at first but personally seeing the results of being able to count your carbs has helped me want to grasp the concept. Do not just take my word for it. Every keto coach and keto fanatic will tell you that you have to be able to count your carbs correctly to stay on top of your diet and keep your body in ketosis 24/7.

The end goal is to lose weight and feel better. Counting is just a means towards that end. It will take a few weeks of getting to know what carb content your regular keto foods have in them but after that you will be a pro at counting. Then you can get creative with your meal planning and your prep work. Keto is a great lifestyle once you learn the ins and outs.


Why am I not losing weight on keto?

Believe it or not it is very common for people to stop losing weight after a short while or to never start losing weight at all. Fear not, there is always a logical reason behind this and there is always a way to fix it (if you are willing to.)

A lot of this issue can circle back our lifestyles outside of the way we exercise or the way we eat. Those changes are sometimes the harder ones to make. Other times we aren’t really paying attention to how many snacks we are eating or keeping track of our macros. All of this is important and imperative to answering the question “why am i not losing weight on keto?”

Sleep to lose

The adverse effects of to little sleep have been studied in some form or fashion for basically our entire existence. So really it comes as little surprise to hear that this could be one reason that you aren’t losing weight.

Your brain basically becomes a 17-year-old looking for trouble when you deprive it of sleep. You are more prone to make snap decisions and bad decisions based on the fact that you feel that you don’t have the energy to do something or you just can’t talk yourself into doing right thing for your diet at the moment. This leads to eating out instead of meal prepping or eating things that set us back on our diet because we just don’t feel like complying with the strict rules of our diet.

According to https://www.webmd.com/diet/sleep-and-weight-loss#1 you also hang onto fat when you are sleep deprived. Your body will release a higher amount of cortisol which basically tells your body to stop burning fat as fast. Your metabolism slows. This is a big problem for anyone trying to lose weight.

How does one remedy this? Go to sleep at a decent time every night and wake up ready to dedicate your day to improving yourself. If you just can’t seem to go to sleep on your own talk to your physician and see what they recommend. I would recommend Luna to anyone struggling to get there mind to stop wondering and drifting.

Too Much Macro

So it really goes without saying that too much of anything is bad for your. This is especially true on the keto diet. You really do have a ratio that you can stick to while on the keto diet. Straying outside that ratio with one of the three macros (fat, protein, carbs) can be inversely effective to your weight loss goals.

Fats – This is the highest macro intake for the keto diet but that is where most people go overboard. Eating the correct type of fat is good in the correct quantities. After that they just become empty calories. As with any diet to many calories will keep you from losing weight. You have to burn more than you consume to lose.

Protein – You want enough protein in your diet to allow for muscle production but really no more than that. Once you over do it on protein your body will start turning it into glycogen and burn it instead of the fat stores in your body. More or less you will no longer be in ketosis.

Carbs – This is a simple one really. You are generally limited to about 30-40 carbs a day, depending on your body type, to stay in a state of ketosis. Breaking this limit will throw your body out of ketosis and take away all the positives effects of it, the biggest one being weight loss.

Keeping a check on your macros is a must for your success rate on the keto diet. Don’t fill yourself with empty calories or throw yourself out of ketosis by consuming to many proteins or carbs. Keep track of your ratio.


To much stress is pretty much the same thing as too little sleep and not having enough sleep can be one of your main stresses or lead to stress vicariously through other daily activities. Regardless of what your stress is, having too much stress causes us to make clouded decisions that lead to overeating and eating comfort food. This is a very bad thing for the keto diet.

Take time for yourself. Exercise to relieve stress and it will allow you to lose more weight as well. It is very important to know what your stresses are and what you can do to alleviate yourself of that stress.

Not Enough Exercise

It really goes without saying that a lot of people just can’t lose weight without exercising. No matter what kind of diet you are on, if you do not burn more calories than you are taking in everyday you will not lose weight. If you sit at your job, find ways to get moving for an hour once you get home. Going from one sitting position to another does not help lose weight.

Here are a few time sensitive toning exercises you can do in spare time through the day or in the morning before you get ready for the day.

  • Push-ups
  • Crunches
  • Squats
  • Berpies
  • Wall sits
  • Lunges
  • Planks

These are all exercises that can be done in just a few minutes throughout your day and they will serve to keep you burning calories and keeping you focused throughout the day.


All-in-all you really just need to learn balance within your daily routine to keep this issues at bey. While most things are good in moderation, you must know when to stop eating, when to make time for yourself to relieve stress, and when to tap out and go to bed. If you do not focus yourself on balancing your life and your body you will find it hard to lose weight on any diet.


How to Exercise on the Keto Diet

I am sure there are a lot of people who feel daunted by working out while they are trying to diet. This is true of most people actually. While in my experience it wasn’t as crucial as I had believed it would be but it is still a good idea to get into the habit of working out regardless of what kind of diet that you are on. That being said, there is a way you need to go about exercising on the keto diet if you have been leading a somewhat sedentary lifestyle.

First Two Weeks

Honestly I do not even recommend working out for the first two weeks of being on the keto diet My main reason is that you will generally just feel lousy for the first little bit. There are a lot of mixed emotions within the fitness community about how keto affects your body, but one thing is true about keto, you will drag!

During my first three days on keto I was at an all time low for energy. I was working every day and walking more than the average person. Having no energy wasn’t exactly ideal for my situation but there really isn’t any healthy thing you can do about it. A lot of people will take caffeine supplements to replace the caffeine intake from soda but I do not recommend this. Just break away from all the bad habits the first time and be done with it. You will be low on energy for a week or so but you will get it back naturally as long as you are sticking to the guidelines of the diet.

Start Somewhere

While it is not ideal to just diet alone, a lot of people do it. But, you do need to exercise if you want to see consistent results from this diet.

As I said earlier, most people wanting to go on this diet lead an almost sedentary lifestyle. You do not have to go Arnold with your workouts but you do need to pick a type of exercise that you like or can tolerate doing and make a schedule of it. The most important thing is that you start exercising once you have the energy to do so. What good is it to lose a few pounds if you are just gonna sit on the couch and stare at the television? When you lose weight you want to be able to show it off. Get moving! You will look and feel a thousand percent better.

Steer Clear of HIIT

Exactly as the title says, you may not want to participate in HIIT exercises while you are on the keto diet. There is a good reason for it to!

If you participate in HIIT exercises your body is burning glycogen as fuel. Doesn’t our bodies have glycogen? why yes they do, but, this nutrient in the body is stored by carbs. While you are on the keto diet the one thing you try to neglect in your diet is carbs. So if you were to choose to participate in a HIIT workout while on the keto diet you may not have the best workout of your life and you would not have the same results that you would having eaten more carbs.

So what kind of workout can you do?

A lot of people will boast weight training above all, and it works to a good extent, but cardio workouts actually do the best. On keto you’re burning fat for fuel. While you are doing cardio exercises you are burning fat. They go hand in hand! This is not to say to quit weight training all together, just that the keto diet is actually designed to go hand in hand with a body toning exercise instead of a body building exercise.

Let’s Keep it Moving

When you get down to it the important thing is that you stay as active as possible while on any diet. It is your body and you ultimately choose what workouts you like to do and to what extent you do those exercises. Just know that without exercise the keto diet is just a short-lived dream when you don’t get the results you want. So exercise, eat right, and look forward to seeing yourself in the mirror in the months to follow your journey.



The Keto Diet Hydration Handbook

Regardless if you have been doing keto or you are brand new to the keto lifestyle, keto diet hydration is constantly and always will be a struggle for most. Your body is made of approximately 60 percent water making water the single most important ingredient to not only the keto diet, but every diet that you could go on. There are even diets that involve only water (if you want to call that a diet.)

Why is it so difficult to stay hydrated on the keto diet?

While on the keto diet, the fat stores in your body are being eaten away. One of the duties of carbohydrates in your body is to retain water. This is where a lot of your water weight comes from (if you have fat, you have water weight.) It is so important to keep your body topped off while you are getting rid of all of this extra fat. Does no good to diet if you are passing out from dehydration.

How do I stay hydrated on keto? I am here to help!

Packing Water with You

The thing that helped me stay hydrated most while on the keto diet was carrying a gallon jug of water with me almost all the time. The jug was either in my car or on my person where ever I went. I know this may not seem plausible but once you get used to having it you will not want to be without it.

Regardless if you do not feel comfortable carrying around a bulky gallon jug all the time there are other options. You can carry a smaller refillable water bottle with you. A lot of water bottles have caps that snap onto belt loops making carrying it effortless. Regardless if you aren’t into that option you can always just keep a case of water in your vehicle so you always have a bottle of water just a short walk away.

It’s not really how you have access to the water, the more important thing is that you DO have access to water everywhere you go. Be it that you carry water with you or that you buy a bottle of water everywhere you stop or from every store you pass. Regardless if you don’t have water with you all the time you will not remember to drink as much as you need to keep yourself hydrated.

Foods to Help Hydration

There are a lot of foods that you can eat while on the keto diet that can help you stay hydrated. Eating foods with a high water content can ease the burden of having to drink water constantly. Sounds good after that bit of information doesn’t it? So what are these hydration super foods?

  • Cauliflower – This little treat has an astounding 93 percent water content. This is one of the more important hydration foods in my opinion due to the abundance of recipes that it is included in. These range from mashed cauliflower and rice to Pizza and bread sticks. I do not believe I would have been able to stay on the keto any time at all if I could not have had pizza.
  • Cucumbers – At 96 percent water content, this super food is one of the most hydrating foods that you can eat while on any diet.
  • Leafy Greens – These can vary from 92 to 96 percent water content. Regardless if you are a salad guru I do not believe you will have any problems staying hydrated while on the keto diet.
  • Celery – At 95 percent water, this super food is basically a bottle of juice with a crunch. Celery makes a great snack and serves for a filler when you are between meals.
  • Tomatoes – We use tomatoes in so many recipes its not even funny. While this food is typically a love or hate food, if you do love it, it can be a great asset when trying to stay hydrated.
  • Berries – Berries are one of my favorite diet foods. A lot of people do not typically think of berries as a diet food because of the appealing taste. I mean what diet food tastes good, right? Berries are actually full of antioxidants and vitamins that we need and can struggle to find while on the keto diet. Given that you must eat berries in moderation because they are full of naturally occurring sugar, they are a great source of water for your body.

Common Keto Dehydrators

There are two big foods that a lot people gravitate towards while on the keto diet that can actually be detrimental to your hydration.

High Protein Meats:

A lot of people have the misconception that the keto diet requires a high amount of protein. While a lot of protein is filling and probably easier to eat to a lot of vegetables, a high protein diet changes the way that your kidneys function. This can cause frequent urination which leads to dehydration. This is a big reason to study the diet before you make the decision to embark on this journey. You are better to stick to the macro ratio of 75:20:5 (fat:protein:carbs) while on this diet. Adding a lot of protein can be bad for your keto experience.

Frozen Dinners:

I know all to well that it is difficult to work every day, spend time with your family and still cook for this diet. This being a fact, a lot of people turn to frozen dinners to alleviate the burden. We all know how much sodium is in anything processed and frozen. There are a lot of frozen dinners that contain all of our daily value of sodium in just the one serving. While our body processes differently while in ketosis, too much salt is still too much salt and you are subjecting yourself to dehydration and other side effects if you make frozen dinners a daily ritual. Cook in bulk a few days of the week and stay away from frozen dinners.

Effects of Dehydration on the Body

According to emedicinehealth.com moderate dehydration effects can include: increased thirst, dry mouth, tiredness, decreased urination, headaches, and dizziness.

More sever dehydration can have worsening effects such as: dizziness leading to falling and not being able to stand; low blood pressure; rapid heart rate; fever; lethargy; seizures, shock; and vomiting.

You should always consult a doctor before you start any diet to make sure your body can handle the change. Regardless if you do start the keto diet and start having moderate symptoms of dehydration you should make increasing your water intake a focus. Even if it means discontinuing the diet. Regardless if you start having more severe symptoms you should always seek medical attention. This diet is not worth your life. Stay hydrated!

Stay Hydrated!

I cannot stress it enough. Regardless if you are trying this diet keep hydration in your mind and water by your side. There are ways to make hydrating easier and foods that can assist you in your journey if you just take advantage of them.



The Keto Diet Food List

While the keto diet seems daunting to a lot of people, it really isn’t as difficult as it may see. Sticking to a 75:20:5 ratio for fats, proteins, and carbs is fairly easy once you learn to portion control and have a daily routine. It is more the limited food options that causes hardship during this diet. Finding foods that you can eat consistently along with finding ways to treat yourself can be difficult but is nowhere near impossible by any means. Everyone has foods that they can’t stand and everyone has foods they can eat all day every day. Finding the keto diet food list of your own is key.

Obviously, in the keto diet food list there must be the combination of foods that are high in fat, foods that are high in protein and carbs that are healthy for you instead of carbs from junk food. Within these three macro nutrients you can create items that will take care of that ever persistent sweet tooth. Let’s jump into breaking these down.

Fats to Kick Off Your Meals

To be 100 percent honest it can be hard to cram 75 percent or more of you diet with fats. Again, you must find high fat foods that you maybe won’t notice or that you love so much you could eat for almost every meal. So lets list the most common and easy to use fats that will help you meet your consumption goals.

  • Butter – Yes! We aren’t talking about margarine or the “I can’t believe it’s not butter” things. We are talking about the real deal. That’s actually the only way it’s healthy for you in this scenario. Real butter contains omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids which helps improve brain function. These to fatty acids are essential in the body though the body doesn’t make them its self. While butter isn’t good for cooking at very high temperature it is a good additive to baked goods as well as any vegetables that you eat ( and you will eat vegetables.)
  • Eggs – While it will be included in the next section of this article, eggs are the multi talented food of the keto diet. You can have them for breakfast in many ways, you can have them in your salads, you can put them on burgers, and you also use them for all keto baking needs. Eggs are one of the most necessary items in the keto diet.
  • Walnuts and Almonds – As far as nuts go, this is about the best options you have. Both walnuts and almonds go good in salads and you can dip almonds in dark chocolate to make treats for yourself while still being in the guidelines of a keto diet.
  • Salmon – This is a great fatty food to eat while on the keto diet. Like butter and other food that will be mentioned in the part of the article, salmon is full of necessary fatty acids that the body needs. This is the easiest of the fish category to stomach. The other most popular options being sardines, anchovies, and mackerel. There are several ways that you can cook salmon and accompanies most vegetable very well.
  • Beef – We will save this juicy bit until the protein section. But know, it’s an important source of fat.
  • Cheese – Eating cheese will be really hard right? Yeah right! Whole fat cheeses are best for the keto diet.
  • Pork – Bacon bacon bacon. We all love it and it’s a must to keep yourself interested in breakfast. I do not believe that I have ever heard anyone say that they are tired of having bacon for breakfast. If you are, ham is there as well.
  • Lamb – High in fat.

Protein with Every Helping

Protein is not near as hard to fill within your keto diet plan. Americans are pretty fixated on protein as a standard. So needless to say, meat in a part of most of our lives on a daily basis. Now lets break down the types of meat you should focus one while you are one the keto diet.

  • Beef – Probably the most popular meat that has ever been eating ever. Mainly for lunch and supper, beef can be arranged a vast amount of ways. Personally, I could eat beef every day and be happy with it.
  • Fish – Fish of any kind is a good source of protein for your diet but it is better to stick to the types listed in the above section to make it easier to keep the ratio correct and stay within the calorie limit you set for yourself.
  • Chicken – Chicken makes it easier to have an abundance of options when making appetizing foods. If we did not have chicken, where would this world be. However, you must be sure to substitute fats in somewhere in the meal because chicken is a very low fat meat as it comes.
  • Pork – Again, bacon is the life of breakfast. Having this treat will always keep you interested in your food as it can be added to just about anything we eat to give it a familiar and great tasting flavor.
  • Eggs – The breakfast of choice. It is a great fat and protein to consume while on the keto diet. Eggs are an asset.
  • Lamb – Yet another meat that fits into the fat and protein category nicely.

Carbs can be Your Friend

So here is the thing about eating carbs while on the keto diet. You have to eat the correct type of carbs and you have to know how to calculate them correctly. To correctly count carbs you have to take that net carbs and subtract the amount of fiber from that amount. So, if your net carbs are 9 and you have 3 fiber, then your actual carb intake is 6. You should be able to find both of these on the nutritional facts list on your food items. If you can not find them there doing a quick google search should render the information that you are looking for. But, you must make sure that you use this information correctly once you have it. This means abiding by the serving sizes that are provided.

So what are some beneficial carbs that you can ingest while on the keto diet? lets see!

  • Most Green Vegetables – this would include bitter greens, broccoli, asparagus, cabbage, cucumbers, lettuce, spinach zucchini. While I know a lot of these foods do not seem interesting, they will save you while on this diet. You have to have fiber to survive this diet and these vegetables are going to be your main source. While you can take a fiber supplement, I do not recommend it because you lose the ability to portion control and still get the correct ratio you need from your foods.
  • Dark Chocolate – While milk chocolate is drowned in carbohydrates, dark chocolate is not so much as long as it is 80 percent natural cocoa or more. This means you can take a lot of these not so tasty things (almonds is a favorite) and coat them in some rich dark chocolate for a great snack to kick the sweet tooth. You can also use dark chocolate to flavor a lot of your baked goods.
  • Organic Fruits – These will mainly consist of avocado, tomatoes, black and raspberries, strawberries, watermelon, cantaloupe, and lemons. So while it may not seem like a big list, I believe you will find that it is hard to fit in a lot of fruits when you are so focused on the fat content of your diet as a lot of fruits aren’t very high in fat. But, these do make a good dessert when you are craving something sweet.

Cheat or Not?

As disappointing as it may sound, it is very hard to have a cheat day while being on the keto diet. But don’t let that take the enjoyment out of this diet for you. To keep your body in ketosis and truly be on the keto diet you must keep your carb intake to under 30 carbs a day generally. Once your body has to many carbs you will come out of the state of ketosis and have to restart that cycle.once you have done that a time or two it isn’t fun. This is not to say that you can’t have a sweet or two every now and again, just know your serving sizes and your nutritional facts along with where you are at in your ratio for the day. If you have had 25 of your 30 daily carbs then it may not be smart to run and grab a candy bar. There are always recipes and ways of curing your sweet tooth while on the keto diet ( A later article.)

You can do it

It may seem like a pain or that it would be impossible to keep up with that type of food management but once you have started your routine it isn’t nearly as bad as you think. It is still a diet but it is much more satisfying than any other diet I have ever tried. It is al about meal prep and with practice, you can master it like so many others have. Keep results in the forefront of your mind and food right behind it and you will love this diet.


What is keto about – A Diet or a Lifestyle?

A Ketogenic diet is one in which your body burns fat for energy instead of burning carbs. This is due to the low carb intake that occurs while on this type of diet. This type of diet is vastly known for its rapid weight loss properties. But like any other diet, you should always consult your primary physician before embarking on any diet program because they do come with a certain level of risk.

The Main Focus

Weight loss and promotion of a healthy lifestyle is the main purpose for the ketogenic diet just like any other. In order to achieve the correct result from this diet one has to reach a metabolic state called ketosis. After restricting the body of carbohydrates for a certain period of time a person’s body will start to break down stored fat deposits. This breaking down of fat creates ketones, a molecule that the body burns for energy to take the place of carbs.

To continue on a ketogenic diet you have to keep your body in the earlier mentioned metabolic state of ketosis for the sustained period of time. To achieve this there is a formula you can follow.

Eating Correctly

During a Ketogenic diet you really have three main aspects to your diet. These include, fats, protein, and carbs. The goal is not to cut out carbs 100 percent as your body needs a certain amount of carbohydrates to function properly. Carbs are to be 5 percent of your daily intake, protein should be 20 percent, and finally fats should take up the remaining 75 percent of your daily caloric consumption. This eating structure can sometimes be hard to achieve. To help with this I have listed a few foods that are commonly eaten while on the keto diet.

  • Healthy Fats – Avocados, nuts and seeds, salmon, coconuts and oil, egg yolks, beef, pork, lamb, dark chocolate, butter and most cheeses.
  • Protein – Fish, beef, chicken, pork, eggs, nuts, nut butter, whey protein powder.
  • Carbohydrates – Cocoa powder or Dark Chocolate, Low-carb vegetables, berries, avocados, shirataki noodles, olives and cauliflower.

To reiterate, the goal of this diet isn’t to completely eradicate carbs from your body but to lower the intake. My personal suggestion for those who like cauliflower is to eat as much of it as possible. This is a very low carb vegetable that is also very filling and can be used to make great treats such as pizza and cheese break sticks.

Importance of Water Consumption

Carbohydrates retain water and sodium in the body so naturally when you restrict the consumption of carbs your body will start excreting all of this excess water and sodium as it burns off the excess fat. This is usually the first bit of weight lost and depending on your body fat percentage is could be a good chunk of weight lost (as it was in my case.) Regardless of your body type or exercise regimen, you have to replace the water that is being lost and you have to continue to due so even more once your fat stores are gone. It is recommended that adults drink between 91 and 125 fluid ounces of water per day.

When I first started I had a hard time gauging when I was drinking enough water. As a general rule of thumb, if your urine is light yellow or clear you are hydrated and drinking the appropriate amount. If you urine is darker or musty looking, you probably need to drink more.

Tips to Help Drink More

  • Carry a refillable, preferably measurable, water bottle with you that can be refilled as you drink.
  • Use zero carb and zero calorie flavor enhancers to make it easier to drink.
  • Track your drinking through the day (measurable bottle). If you do not have a bottle that makes this easy, when you top your bottle off for the first time, measure out an amount that is easy to consume in 1-2 hours. Make one mark for every one of those units until your bottle is full. If you find this isn’t enough water readjust or just refill and continue consuming on a more frequent basis.


I know this is a forbidden word when it comes to “fad” diets like the Keto diet but I firmly believe that behind every great weight loss story there is a workout regimen that assisted. My line of work helped during my trial with the keto diet. Walking on average of 13 miles a day while on the keto diet resulted in an astonishing 31lbs lost in just under two months. It is the lifeline of every great diet.

There are great side effects to a workout regimen. This can include but are by no means limited to; relieving stress, physically feeling better, getting a mental boost from the increased blood flow to the brain, and to top it all off the chance of getting in great physical shape and having a better outlook on yourself and a better self-esteem because of it.

Your Choice

What is keto about? Now you are hopefully more knowledgeable about the subject and in a better head space about the amount of work and time that you have to put into the meal prep, the water intake, the exercising. I promise without a doubt that if you consult with your doctor and you decide to start the keto diet (and stick to it) that you will not regret it by any means. As I said on my background post, this is to inspire myself as much as it is to inspire you. I want to get back in shape and help others get in shape while I am at it. Let’s help each other. Feel free to comment, leave your name or your email and I will respond to you. I want a community out of this and I want to hear everbody’s stories and experiences involving the keto diet. I will help you out as much as I can here at you Keto information destination.


Sumary of My Top Keto

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The Keto diet for me was just a way to lose weight fast, because that’s what we all want in a diet. But, during my time with the Keto diet I learned that there are correct ways of doing these things. Now, I do not claim to be an expert on the subject at all! But, I have found things that make this diet easier and have been around a lot of people who have enjoyed their experiences with this diet.


I am looking to help others in order to help myself. I did achieve a level of weight loss with the Keto diet that I had never seen before, but like so many, I wavered from the diet and haven’t really focused myself enough to go back to it.

I would like to build an audience (community) focused on helping one another during weight loss struggles. Going on a diet isn’t the hard part! it is staying on one that most people struggle with.

Site Purpose

The whole goal of this website is to help as many as I can with their Keto journey and in doing that hopefully inspire and help myself to start the journey again as well.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,